Homestead Goals

What's a home without some big dreams? Some of these I'm trying to tackle this first year; others are definitely further out on the horizon. But they're all on the list somewhere.

  • CPW project to upgrade heating and insulation! Spring 2014.
  • Painting (outside). Summer 2014?
  • Painting (inside): kitchen, bathroom, accent wall in living room...
  • Kitchen: new oven. More counterspace!
  • Fruit trees established and bearing (started spring 2014)
  • Filbert hedge
  • Vegetables all year round
  • Cold frame south of tool shed
  • Chickens! Or other poultry.
  • Mushrooms?
  • Brewing
  • Basic carpentry
  • Pickling/fermentation
  • Butchering
  • New bike! And getting in shape enough to handle the local hills and bike for groceries.
  • Less grass, more everything else.
  • Fire pit!
This will be an ever-changing list. Hopefully I'll get to knock things off it at least half as frequently as I add new ones.


  1. We're trying to homestead 8 acres on Marrowstone Island, near Port Townsend WA. I'd like to exchange ideas if you would too.

    1. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you - I'd like that! I don't know many people in the area who have a place established. Do you blog anywhere? I didn't see one linked from your profile.