Monday, March 31, 2014

frost :/

Seattle, you can cut that out any minute now.  (Reports vary, but we're probably past our average last frost date.) Frost on the grass this morning when I left for work, and that can't be doing any of my seedlings or recent transplants any good. I'm selecting for hardiness though, right?

Despite some torrential rain on Saturday morning and some visits on Sunday that wound up taking a lot more of the day than I expected, I still got a few things done. The broccoli rabe at the far end of the garden had finally bolted beyond repair:

So I tore out most of it to leave room in the bed for other things (like potatoes!). I'm leaving a few of the hardiest plants to see if I can collect seed from them once their flowering is done. They apparently require insect pollination, so we'll see how well they were served—I haven't seen bees at these flowers in particular, but they're definitely already in the garden.

...That photo also provides an excellent view of the reason I want to put in a filbert hedge along my south fence.

Cleared those out, planted shallots in among the oats that may or may not come up, tucked in some bulbs in beds and corners for things that just flower instead of making food. And then I had the afternoon to myself and nobody stopping me, so I went up to City People again. Where I bought seed potatoes of two varieties, and some sulfur to amend the soil for my little blueberries—those were my actual reasons for going—and then because I shouldn't be allowed in garden stores unsupervised I also bought a huckleberry and a salmonberry, both in gallon pots. Someday it will be possible to eat everything on my property. (Fear me, lawn. Your days are numbered.)


  1. Hah. I miss City Peoples. So many impulse items, so many delectable possibilities.
    But oats? Really? You are a bold one.

    1. SO many impulse items! I consider myself lucky to have gotten out of there without a birdbath or something.

      And yes! Oats! Mostly as a cover crop, really, for this bare patch of vegetable garden that was growing nothing but dandelions while I waited for it to warm up around here. If I actually get a bowl of oatmeal out of it I will be surprised and delighted. (As of yesterday, they ARE definitely coming up, if not as thickly as I might have hoped.)

      I just want to have garden adventures at all times, I think.