Thursday, May 29, 2014

Of course since I put all my tomatoes out, the weather turned chilly again. I hope they're okay back there, getting bullied around by too much wind and not getting the heat and sunshine they were hoping for. On the bright side, I pulled a few out of their pots to thin before planting, and the pulled ones were almost as nice as the winners, so I stuck them in the dirt on their own, with a decent length of stem underground to see if they'd root from it, and so far they're not wilting! Ugh, I want summer, though. And enough nice warm weather to make me feel like putting the rest of the warm-season seeds in.

The cotton experiment is going well so far (inside, of course); all twelve of the seeds I planted have germinated, with big fat cotyledons that look almost succulent. It's going to be a huge gamble to try to bring them all the way to the end of their season before our cold-and-rainy one comes back, but gosh darn it I'm excited to try. Especially if the blue ones do well.

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