Wednesday, June 25, 2014

notes to self

Some things to study and work on implementing as time and seasons allow: and (and really probably just browse the "water catchment" tag in that whole blog) and - that second one especially, tho it will need to be translated to PNW climate needs

I threw out my back this last weekend trying to lift too many bricks at once, so of course this is a good time to ponder building earthworks. Our seasonal rainfall pattern, though, it is a menace.


  1. How many bricks to lift at once?
    Two. One for each hand. Slow but steady trumps faster and injured every time.
    Sorry for your setback.
    And good luck with your rain management projects!

    1. hah! a lesson I sorely (ha ha) need to learn. but at least this comment got me a laugh out of it. <3