Sunday, April 20, 2014

if you have any spare patience, please send it my way

So Minter's is still there! And likely to be in the Renton location through August, as of talking to them yesterday. After I walked around for a while wearing Earl-the-kitty as a scarf, I found some things that clearly I still needed. Since my existing plantings aren't doing things fast enough. er.

Lavender! Because obviously I would need some of that. I should have had some already, what took me so long.

 Yarrow! Because yes. I'm a little worried about the yarrow; it looked like multiple plants crammed too tightly into a single four-inch pot, and I tried to separate them when I got them unpotted...and in fact might have just torn up the root system of what was all one plant with multiple above-ground instances. But maybe that's okay? Maybe yarrow is one of the plants that you propagate that way? Maybe it won't be sad and miserable about me doing that at the wrong time of year and without preparation and. Yes.

 Scarlet runner beans, behind the runaway parsley and each planted beside a bamboo stake they can twine on. People apparently grow these as ornamentals, the flowers are so nice. But I'm gonna see if I can eat them.

Bleeding heart -- there's no practical point to this one. It's just a plant I remember from my mom's gardening years ago. We lived in a house with a shady patio and some woods behind it, and we had an old-fashioned bleeding heart tucked into the edge of those woods. So I wanted one. You can't see from the picture, but it's tucked under the shade of my fig tree.

 Buddleia "Black Knight." It was either this or the daylily called "Bela Lugosi," and I held myself to just one of the two. Buddleia is also known as "butterfly bush," and will grow into a big sturdy bush with clusters of deep purple flowers that smell good to just about every pollinator out there. I put mine just north of the vegetable garden.

The lavender and yarrow tucked into the dirt beside the driveway. I am my lawn's worst enemy, and also pretty impressed with myself over just how badly I failed to make a straight line. Grow, little plants. Grow and flower and be fantastic :3

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