Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I'm tired a lot of the time, whether that's the comfortable physical exhaustion of "just raked up and hauled 15 gallons of camellia petals back to the fledgling compost pile" or the less comfortable emotional exhaustion of being lonely and wishing my stuck-in-another-time-zone roommate could come home. But the year keeps moving, and things keep growing, whether I have the energy to properly pay attention or not.

The asparagus is determined to live, and I am rooting for it.

Three of the four pear varieties on the tree are blooming by now; this picture was taken a few days ago when the very first buds were unfolding.

And the central trunk of my pie cherry is blossoming as determinedly as it knows how.

I'll be removing the spent blossoms from all the fruit trees this year, so the plants focus on getting established instead of trying to find the energy for fruit. It feels like there's a metaphor in there somewhere, maybe for coping with depression, maybe for the first year of homeownership, maybe both. Whatever, it's a metaphor with room for cherry blossoms. That makes it a good one.


  1. Spring is a steamroller. It can make you feel flattened sometimes. It doesn't get tired, or impatient, it just keeps rolling along. Sorry your roommate is stuck faraway. So much of gardening is about waiting. Waiting for the time to plant, waiting for the seeds to germinate, plants to blossom, fruit to ripen. Someone to share the fruit.
    Wishing you a splendid season of anticipations.

    1. Eventually I will learn patience doing this! I just wish I could hurry up and learn it *now*. ;)

      It's still good in the meantime, though. Every day that I get to go outside and get my hands in the dirt is a good day. And yesterday the outrageous warm weather convinced me to plant cucumbers and zucchini.